Friday, April 13, 2007

Dialogue ~ Make or break ya?

When I pick up a book and begin reading, I usually give the author the first chapter before I decide to put it down. If the hook or dialogue doesn't click with me I give the book to my mom. She loves to read as much as I do and has more tolerance when it comes to putting the time in getting to know the characters. I don't have much personal time so I refuse to waste it.

The same goes for television/movies. I love when good shows tend to be clustered together. Great writers make a big difference. For me, it used to be NBC when they had Friends on Thursday nights and ER. But ABC has been my go to channel lately on that particular night due to Greys Anatomy. Brothers & Sisters and October Road are a couple of shows I try watch on the same network. I really enjoy Sunday evening because of Desperate Housewives. My tv time is as restricted as my reading and I would almost rather do housework than read or watch something I'm not really getting into.

But last night I caught the premiere of a new show because the previews really caught my interest. Notes From the Underbelly hit a funny-bone with me. Sometimes shows come out strong and then slack off...but a large variety of demographics are targeted in this one. I had a perma-grin throughout most of the show. I could relate on multiple levels. They seem to be hitting all levels of the motherhood/parental issues, from a young single to parents with children living the daily issues.

I laughed when the husband tried to convince his wife it was time to have babies with pros and cons, she cited a con reason of big underwear. I could so understand when he ditched her emotionally when he found out the real cons could include wrestling baby gear, no sleep and baby boobs. He was pretty upset when he learned he had to lose the air hockey game table to make room in the nursery ~ for the baby.

I enjoyed the related issues but mostly because the dialogue was fast-paced and humorous. It was familiar. It was my life and extreme issues I've heard my friends and family go through. It was believable and more held my attention. I would run during commercial breaks to take care of house and kids so I wouldn't miss anything.

It's my kind of writing. It's what I want to do when I grow up.

My friend Chicki Brown listed a great link recently for Deirdre Savoy. Her profile says it all to me:

'My goal is to leave you with a smile on your face
and a few new thoughts to mull over.
If you like the blog, please tell your friends.
If not, tell your enemies.'


Jennifer Shirk said...

Yeah, I usually give an author the first chapter, too. If by then it hasn't hooked me, I MAY or may not read on.

Depends on how stubborn I am--or how curious I feel. LOL!

Chelle Sandell said...

I'm more impatient than curious! LOL. The little one doesn't give me much free time so I have to make the most of it. He went to bed at 8pm last night, so I actually got some writing and editing done.