Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

It usually takes me awhile to come up with 13 things...about the same thing. I've thought and argued with myself for days as to what I would write about. I was driving my oldest to school and POW... it hit me. Or almost did anyways.

Thirteen Things that irritate me.

1....Drivers who completely ignore stop signs and then cuss you/flip me off because they almost cause an accident.

2....Driving my son 25 minutes to school.

3....and dealing with the idiots who somehow passed their drivers license. They should make everyone retest every 5 years. Maybe not...I can't parallel park...much less spell the damn word.

4....My son has been going to the same little rural school for 7 years, and we're still considered new.

5....I HATE cliques. Especially when people (women) can be so catty and rude.

6....I get irritated with people who make snarky comments because they think they're "cool" and feel you can like 'em or leave 'em. They don't care.

7....What's worse are the people that laugh and encourage snarky's that clique - need to fit in thingy I'm not so good at.

8....Intolerant people. If I can bite my tongue and deal...why can't you.

9....People who blame bad behavior on PMS.

10...Dogs who bark at anytime.

11...People who don't take care of their homes or CHILDREN and blame it on them being poor.

12...People who use their celebrity status or job to demoralize or criticize others. Then use the term...Free Speech.

13...Politicians who use their power to hurt our troops because they want to pass bills with billions of dollars of pork barrel money attached and blame it on the President veto because of the timeline demand. I don't want our military deaths anymore than anyone else but we can't just say we'll pull everyone out by December 1, 2007...or whenever...and expect the Iraqi situation to just resolve itself. I don't agree with the war or the way it's going...but. I'm NOT INFORMED enough to be willing to debate. I believe that in order to debate the situation I want to be fully informed...not just what the press and democratic politicians want to debate. There are so many factors involved and it is complicated. I have loved ones...not just hubby overseas so yes...I care. But I don't have constituents that want their pork barrel projects funded so I'll vote for any bill to be passed as long as my projects get the money I want.

Sorry. Yes, I'm having a difficult morning and little things are pissing me off today. But my child told me his heart loves me, so it's getting much better. I had someone who wanted to debate the war funding bill. I don't care what political affiliation he is, he was unaware of WHY the President was going to veto. I vote for what I believe in. It pisses me off that our government is arguing over money for our troops and have attached a shitload of pork barrel project money just to get people to vote for a timeline for the war to end. Our men/women/ military NEED that money to survive. They are using SILLY STRING...a childs look for trip wires attached to bombs...because they aren't receiving the equipment they need to fight the war. They don't have the flack jackets, body/truck armour to protect them. In the meantime these politicians are skiing for the holidays with lobbyists and heads of corporations and eating 3 course gourmet meals while our soldiers are eating dust MRE's and...sorry. Flying first-class on tax payer money to...I'm ranting again.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Whoa. Take it easy, honey. LOL!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

But I defintiely hear ya on 6, 8, 10, 12 and 13!

Chicki Brown said...

So much of what's going on in this country right now irritates me. Behavior that used to be considered completely unacceptable is now laughed at and condoned. And the "Washington" and "Hollywood" crowds are just NUTS!

But it's the little things in life that make all the big things bearable, like having a child or grandchild say his heart loves you. Makes living worthwhile!

Chelle Sandell said...

LOL! Ya know how you have something to say and it just kinda rambles out? I got going and couldn't stop. I guess with hubby gone my venting has stored up a little. LOL.