Monday, June 25, 2007

The Journey

On one of the boards I visit, there was a discussion about the journey. Not ours as a writer, or mother. Or even a wife, sister...whatever. But the Hero's and heroine's journey. What is it that they face or go through to get their HEA? Boy meets girl or gets reacquainted, fall in love...then BAM! Boy loses girl.

Not literally though? they get lost in Walmart parking lot? about boy/girl does something really stupid or something from the past slithers up and bites them in the butt. We were also talking about popular trends in the methods we use to cause the conflict.

What's popular today with romance readers? I'm interested in what is popular with editors but in a way...I'm an avid reader. What do I like? A pretty eclectic mix. But it pretty much boils down to the roller coaster. Is it believable? Is it something I can relate to?

Well...some days I can relate better than others. Say...when I've had a REALLY bad day...not as bad as Jennifer's dh had recently. But, when the kids are wearing me out and I haven't been able to vent for a couple of days with friends or my own dh. I don't want to hear about how a heroine's child is an angel and she is just going through a small problem at work and the perfect neighbor is giving her come hither stares.

The journey can make or break an author. It's gotta be interesting but believable. We've heard time and again it can't be something that can be resolved over a cup of coffee. Well...what about if the heroine just found out Hero boy has a child from the past he "forgot" to tell her about and...say...she throws the coffee in his face. Maybe he is rushed to the hospital with 3rd degree burns and falls off the gurney and needs a blood transfusion. What about if the son offers to give blood but they find out the DNA doesn't match? What about the makeup sex while he's strapped to the gurney and heavily medicated so he can't feel the burns? Whatever.

What pushes the envelope?

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Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! I hope that wasn't a real book you read.