Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The View

Okay. *Warning* (are you surprised?) My view is straight ahead so all of you younger viewers...time for bed. Sweet Dreams ~ Sleep Sweet. Momma loves her babies. Momma's got to vent or she's gonna explode. I love to blog! I can say what I need to say and without someone interrupting me or giving me the stink eye.

We have an interesting segment on our local tv news stations, several different stations as a matter of fact and when they first began, I would quickly grab the changer and see what was on Food Network. But they kind of grew on me...go figure. It's not like I'm the type of person to be so strongly opinionated. Okay, someone help Stacey up off of the floor. I think she's choking.

Anyhew. It's basically letting residents call or email and rant about current events or just about anything as long as it's decent and clean.
So I thought I'd try it here. Come on...I won't bite back...maybe. LOL. jk.

Well...how many of you are sick of rich people and/or celebrities that can't control themselves and are surprised or pissed off when the public reacts accordingly.

Paris Hilton ~ come on honey. You can't honestly expect a judge to actually believe that you didn't understand when the law says you can't drive with a suspended license...it meant a car, or say - it meant you, not your chauffeur. Or that you might actually be held accountable? What's funny is the Sheriff felt sorry for her cause she 'had a condition'. Yeah...it's called 'I don't want to go to jail' boohoos. Her family physician doped her up on medicine so high that she couldn't focus or function so they was worried about her mental status. Excuse me...duh. BUT~ yes, she broke the law. Yes, she deserves punishment and should be held accountable...but not to a higher standard. Mr. Prosecutor...your own wife was convicted of the same crime and never saw a day...?

Nicole Richey ~ Eat honey. Veggies...anything except your daily non-fat Starbucks.

Lindsay Lohan ~ ANOTHER child star...but no different than you or I except for a few million. Daddy's in jail and Momma wants to your best-friend aka shopping buddy. What you need is a Momma that taps your behind a couple of times and tells you that your gonna stay home tonight because your too young to drink alcohol...legally...or you can't stay up partying until it's time to report for work and be surprised when you pass out from exhaustion. What did you have for dinner last night? A case of red bull, carton of cigarettes and a stick of gum?

Britney Spears ~ Boo Hoo. Little girl, you need to grow up and open your pretty brown eyes. Your beautiful, talented, rich and you had a supportive family. Little sister is handling the spotlight just fine honey-child. You took a man away from his pregnant baby's momma and your surprised your marriage didn't work. You wear your little sister's clothes commando and your pissed off at the media for taking crotch shots?

K-Fed's baby's momma ~ Come on now...he can't be that good sweetie to have made you take his slithering butt back? And for someone wanting to stay out of the spotlight...to be involved in a tv show called The Ex-Wives Club. Girl ~ you didn't have a ring on that finger. You still don't.

Rosie O'Donnell ~ I really enjoyed your talk show and watched at every opportunity until you chose one particular guest. My man Tom Selleck. It was when you tricked him onto the show by agreeing to avoid the discussion about gun control, then blasted him and refused to apologize because you believed about something so passionately. I started noticing you in a different light. I'm one to show passion, I'd like to also believe that I have an open mind. We can agree to disagree. But when you so blatantly interrupt and refuse to rationally discuss something with someone who values your opinion..refuse to take responsibility for a televised statement...what was it? Agh...you said our military were the true terrorists. Honey, you can't be on a show called ahem - The View which is a show designed to allow everyone to discuss their view, and not allow anyone to have their own opinion. As soon as someone spoke in any other slant than your own, you said they were "naive", "young" or blamed it on Bush or anti-gays. It reminds me of a spoiled little rich girl I went to school with. What amazes me was the ratings she got. Was it because of the controversy she brought and you were curious as to the crap spilling out of her mouth? Waaas it...people genuinely are so selfishly opinionated that it's now okay to say and express ourselves at will without regards to anyone or anything else and no matter how others think...their wrong/naive/young and 'don't know no better' or wrong because they don't believe the same as you?

And on, and on...deep cleansing breath.

Who was the attorney stalking...I mean living with Anna Nicole Smith? Howard Stern? It was kinda spooky to look back on past reality-tv footage and see how mean she was to you...and have sleep-overs with multiple men while you were living together. And it's scary to know your momma didn't teach you about the birds and bees. You silly boy, you don't get pregnant by kissing. I'm sure when you kept shoving pills down her throat with the bottomless bottle of vodka that she probably did sleep with you...was she even awake? You're a lawyer...did ya really forget about DNA testing?

Baby's Daddy ~ Silly boy #2...Larry, did ya think you were too pretty to have to pay your attorney?

Okay. I'm out of breath. Until next time! I feel so much better...thanks.


Chicki Brown said...

AMEN!!!! I wrote a similar blog entry some months back. The problem in this country is that so many people eat these news stories up. Did you see the crowd waiting for Paris outside the jail holding signs of support?

I applaud US Weekly for making an editorial decision not to put the Hilton chick on their cover or mention her anywhere in the pages.

The sad thing is that so many young girls look up to these sorry girls as role models. It's so sad.

Jennifer Shirk said...

YES!! **high-five**

I'm with you 100 PERCENT on everything.

(Hey, I thought Tom Selleck was MY man. LOL!)

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki~I won't buy magazines if they have those stories glamourizing their stupid self. I'm so glad I don't have little girls in the house looking up to the girls gone wild.

Jennifer~He looks especially good on horseback and a duster jacket with the hat low and face rough with a days beard.

Bunch of Stuff said...

I agree with you completely.
And isn't it amazing? The Nazi actually starved the Jews during WWII. But now these actresses are starving themselves.