Friday, June 15, 2007

Our vacation

Well I'm back. I've got the laundry to prove it and massive emails...366. Alot of spam but I have to go through and weed them out so I won't miss the important stuff. Like my horoscope. jk. But dh is safe and back hard at work.

Our vacation was short and sweet and we chose to go to the lake with family instead of spending a boat load (hah) of we really wanted to! I don't want dh in a war zone any longer than what it will take to accomplish future family goals, so we decided not to splurge on exotic vacations. But we love going to the lake and the boys enjoyed wallowing in dirt/sand for 3 days. We came home a day early cause of sunburn and the unpredictable Oklahoma weather. Winds were so bad the last day we were there that we felt like we were at Galveston and surfing the ocean waves.

I usually won't allow the boys to take pictures of me but Kris caught me with my hair in a headband after cleaning my face. Anyways...the trip was fun except for me being a bad mommy...baaaaad momma used two bottles of sunscreen on the boys but my little 4 yo fish wouldn't stay out of the sun and got sun poisoning. His little face was swollen and blistered for several days and we ended up taking him to the hospital on Saturday because he had a rash and high fever.

But we also signed the papers on the 51 acres we bought and started to pick out house plans. So now begins the fun. Picking out contractors and building as the money comes in.

The picture in the middle is where we decided to put the house. It'll back up into a grove of trees but the front porch will look out into the meadow. The first picture is of the entrance into the property.
Well ladies...even with all of our excitement, I surely missed my buddies. I hope all is well and you guys are ready to crack the whip. I'm back to reality...


Chicki Brown said...

It's good to put such a sweet face with the name.

Fifty-one acres? That's a lot of property. Congrats! I can already picture you and Kris sitting on the porch having your morning coffee looking out on the meadow...

Chelle Sandell said...

Awwww. Thank you sweetie! I want to surprise him when he comes home in October and lose a bunch of weight. I hate having my picture taken because of it.

But our dream is to have a ranch and this is a good start!

Chicki Brown said...

I'm feeling you, girl! I've struggled with my weight forever, and the fact that I'm only five feet tall doesn't help ... I've given up on trying to be skinny. All I want to be is healthy, besides you know the old saying, "Nobody wants a bone but a dog." :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Sounds like so much fun--except the sunburn part.

Glad you and Kris and the boys could relax and spend some quality time together.

(But it's good to have you back) :)

Anonymous said...

Love the land!! Had to go back and find it - Looks so great!