Monday, July 16, 2007

The Dreaded Synopsis

Aaarrgghhhh! As some of you know, I'm in the process of preparing my submission materials for Harlequin. Being a newbie at this whole complicated process, from format and structure to submitting the completed ms, I have searched high and low for the perfect articles and advice on the craft of writing.

There are a lot of awesome, talented authors in this business. Surprisingly, there is also one incredible denominator binding these creative people together: they offer advice. And biographies...huh?!


How many occupations can you think of that can possibly be more competitive, and offer more opportunities for new talent, than the field of publishing? What about...going to your competitor and asking what their secret to success is? How 'bout...asking how they got started and what the process was that propelled them to complete their goals?

I can't think of many...unless it is a successful writer selling books telling you how they became successful at writing. Go to any author's website online nowadays and look for links dedicated to writers or resources. Find any? A bunch you say....hmmmm.

I love my job!

Any hew...sorry, procrastinating a little. I like playing online and blogging with yous guys...when I really need to be working on my ms. Back to bidness...

Synopsis is an ugly word around where I travel. Even to some of the lifers. Not only are they difficult, but they make my brain hurt. I've talked with quite a few fellow writers about tips and resources for samples. You kinda have to go with the flow. For example ~ I'm targeting Harlequin at this time so I need to research samples/advice geared toward the specific line I am aiming for. Maybe you write for Avon, etc. you get my drift though, right?

So all yous guys that are aiming along beside me to Harlequin...I have included a link where Leslie Wainger, a senior editor with HQ, is giving her personal advice for Writing the Dreaded Synopsis.

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Jennifer Shirk said...

I really hate writing the synopsis. Good luck! :)