Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Query Letters ~ Oh My!

Okay...my crit partner has come through once again...thank you very much Jennifer Shirk. There are so many great articles giving advice about how to construct a query letter. Jennifer gave me a lightbulb the other day (Ha! See blondes can get them too) with advice from the Rose City Romance Writers.

For some reason this lecture stuck with me and gave me a better understanding of the structure. Not that I was able to pick up my submission materials and jot down the perfect letter....but I'm still picking and twisting without giving up all hope.

Check out the site because the info helped me and ya never know...


Chicki said...

Jennifer did a great job on your query letter. She's wonderful, isn't she?

I just copied the info from the Rose City site. Thanks!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

**taking a bow with some embarrassment**

Gee, thanks, ladies.

Sheesh, with all this "knowledge" you'd think I'd be published already. LOL!

Chelle: I'll take a peek at your new Q soon.

Chelle Sandell said...

No...thank you guys. Without my crit partners I would be lost! Or grammar impaired!! You guys are the bomb!