Friday, August 10, 2007

Holy Smoke!!

I received an email from the contest hostie at HQ and guys....I'm one of the finalists. I'm shaking so bad it's hard to type. But the biggie...I was able to tell hubby before he went to sleep. I hate that while we're having our days he's sleeping. I was afraid I would have to wait until he got up to tell him how it turned out. I didn't have a whole bunch of confidence but the fact that only 18 others participated and this was my first synopsis...and first manuscript.

My crit group is the best bunch of girls!! Excuse me...women! I love you guys for being so helpful and supportive. I couldn't have done it without yous guys.

Thank you!!!!! I have to edit and bribe someone for crits on 10 chapters by Monday. Ackkkkk! I was afraid something like this would happen.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I knew you could do it! Great job!

Chicki Brown said...

That's fantastic! This was a good day for RAH members!

I know the editors will be impressed with your work.

bettye griffin said...

What wonderful news!! Congrats!

Bettye Griffin

Chelle Sandell said...

Thank you so much Bettye. I was surprised because I'm pretty new at this and there are so many talented writers targeting Harlequin.