Thursday, August 09, 2007

What would you do?

Have you ever had your heart touched where you just tear up and feel ready to just bawl. Ya know...the ugly cry? My dh asked me if I was ready to "start" because I was telling him about my day. I guess I'm just being a big old crybaby.

Mom, my 4 yo and I had lunch across the street at our favorite cool 50's style diner and this guy walks in. He's wet with sweat and smelled awful. My first instinct was I had lost my appetite. But guilt hit me almost immediately. That was so rude and hateful. This poor guy walked up, which meant he didn't have a car. I began to sweat just walking my big butt across the street. It was 100 degrees out're gonna sweat. Then he had a cloth bag full of change. I couldn't help but overhear him ask the waitress if she could buy some of his change. She was a little loud about it but she's really a nice girl. He bought something to drink and she didn't bother to count out the change, which I thought was nice of her. I instantly wondered if he'd eaten recently. He looked thin but decently dressed. Would I offend him if I offered him a meal? He'd probably think I was a nut. So I tried to quietly pull the waitress aside and ask her if she'd seen him before. I didn't want to embarrass the guy and asked the waitress to "quietly" ask him if he was hungry. If he told her or acted like he didn't have the money maybe whisper it was on the house. We heard the entire conversation halfway across the room and he nervously looked around. She said the person buying didn't want to be known, he smiled and asked for a burger. She brought him a burger basket full of fries and he ate pretty quickly. I was embarrassed for the guy but hoped maybe it'll give him an urge to do something nice for someone else who might need it more. How often do we get this kind of opportunity? Have we really looked for them?

So this afternoon after working on my of my favorite HQ Superromance writers Kay Stockham wrote a blog post at Pink Ladies Blog about mean, mean people that had me in tears. Please check it out. So this evening I went back to read the comments and noticed the blog post from Jules Bennett the day before. She was talking about how a customer at her salon touched her heart.

I got to really thinking about my day and reflecting with my best hubby, and I feel empowered. I've watched the movie Pay It forward (once was enough...can't watch now knowing what's going to happen) and it motivates me to want to be a better person. But if everyone would just stop and take a breath...especially before you try to tear someone down, and chill. Be patient. Be kind instead of hurtful. Say something positive instead of negative. Try to make it matter. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Yeah...drink a coke and the whole world can sing along. Seriously...what can it hurt. There is so much hate, hurt and devastation in this world. If only one person starts it...the domino effect could be outragious.

To top off my night ~ my 13 yo has been in his own little world for the last year...about when puberty kicked in and girls mattered. He's shown semi-interest in my writing and thought it was pretty cool to hear the story of our Chickasaw Ancestory. I told him about the documents signed before the Trail of Tears and how his 5 great grandfather was the last Chief before a government was formed. He seemed really excited and actually said he would enjoy going to the Historical Society in OKC. I thought it was just one of those nights when we clicked and he needed Mom time. A few minutes ago he came into the room at a slide and showed me a storyline he has created and was asking advice on how to outline and where to go after that. He's shown an interest in various artistic areas...he plays the drums (rather well I have to proudly add), he wanted to learn about photography and is showing a huge interest in history. It was really incredible to have that mature connection with him tonight and I realized how much he has really grown, how well-rounded he has become and how his personality has changed.


Chicki said...

Wonderful blog, Chelle! I read that entry on Pink Ladies the other day, and I couldn't agree with her more.

As far as the man in the restaurant, you did exactly what God wanted you to do. Living where you are, I guess you don't see much of that. Here in Atlanta, especially if you work downtown, you can be accosted five times on your lunch hour, so you have to use wisdom in your giving. But I have a quote posted on the wall of my office by an unknown writer that says, "Be unnecessarily kind to everyone you meet since everyone is going through their own struggle."

Re: your son, all your mothering isn't in vain. Keep up the good work, and he'll turn out to be a good man!

Chelle Sandell said...

Aww..thanks sweetie! We've had our struggles and I know they are no where near over but I want to try to be a better Christian.

I thought the same about son last night. It's really great to see your child do something that makes you proud and know that maybe I have done something right down the line.

Erin said...

What you give out will come back to you. The kindness you showed to the man, you showed to everyone in the diner.
And you should be proud of your son. He sounds like a great kid!

Chelle Sandell said...

Thank you...we've been worried because of some kids he started running with. The band group ~ go figure. They used to be the good and dorky kids now they are the gothics. Its sad when we have to keep him from wearing the color black. This from a mom who died a pink stripe in the fron temple of her light blonde hair. was the eighties.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Great story, Chelle. What you did was so Biblically right, it brought tears to my eyes.
You got a wonderful reward for that in your connection with your son.

Chelle Sandell said...

Ya know, I hadn't thought of it that way Jennifer. Thank you! I've been praying alot for help in understanding what he's going through and to know how to handle the issues we deal with. I always have to pray for patience and courage but having a teen requires specialized requests! LOL