Friday, August 03, 2007

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to go back to bed? I've had a row. Welllllll ~ let me tell ya a story.

Remember how we just moved in May? Our rent house was flooding and of course we didn't know last year because we'd had droughts and massive wildfires. Every time we saw smoke even remotely close to the house we panicked because we lived in a rural, wooded area outside of town. And I might add - near a few idiots who thought they needed to burn trash on windy days. I must say I was impressed with our local fire department and kinda enjoyed the brush pumper truck and regular visits from the firemen.

The building my mom owns ~ has been sold. We've been on her to sell it since she got sick a couple of years ago but we'd just moved in recently and decided if we sold it, the houses could be built faster with the profits. Okay...I don't think any of us expected for it to happen within 3 weeks. I'm okay.

Which means we also have to finalize floor plans and find contractors...set-up utilities. Of course the fun stuff is picking out new cabinets and fixtures...doors and windows...maybe appliances if I whisper soft enough to my dh. But wow. I'm a little more overwhelmed than I was last time.

I was bone tired tonight. Just wanted to go to bed. One of the dogs peed in the floor. (They know somethings going on.) Youngest was being a monster and was throwing legos and army men everywhere. Oldest is begging to go back to public school and feels the time crunch because it starts on the 16th. Dh is so far away but acting like one of the kids when it comes to getting his way about something. Mom is still a little frail medically to do alot of her own packing...never mind moving. MIL called and I had to listen and defend for an hour. I think I'm still getting the blame for his job choice. But at least I warned her that FIL and girlfriend will be at BIL house this weekend so she won't accidentally visit at the same time. Not quite ready for that face-to-face yet...though it's been 7 years.

So I crawl in bed, and a couple of silly things are stuck in my I needed to purge. Hopefully it'll motivate me to put more of it down on paper. I so need to finish editing this WIP. Hope everyone is happy writing and having a great weekend!!!!


Jennifer Shirk said...

You poor thing. Get some deserved rest.

I'll be praying for you.

Chicki Brown said...

Oh my! Take a few minutes to read Matthew 11:28-30 and Luke 12:22-28 to remind yourself of who has the power to lighten your load.

I'll be praying in agreement with Jennifer.

Bunch of Stuff said...

My prayers go out to you too, Chelle.
Things will be better after a good nights sleep.

Chelle Sandell said...

Thank you so much guys for your thoughts and prayers. It helped to vent! I have to be strong for everyone and got pretty tired. Things are still up in the air but the contract has been signed and closing set for Jan 31 but he's trying to get something arranged for closing end of Sept.