Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marketing: Trailers

Several of my crit partners and I have discussed the importance of self marketing, especially for a new author and building your reader base. And we've talked about the various types of marketing, trying to figure out the most effective compared to cost. I've won books and goodies from my favorite authors and love to look through and get ideas from what they send me. From website promotions and contests to bookmarks and business cards. Kay Stockham sent me a gorgeous brochure type item of her latest release with a storyline blurb. One of the talented authors in the Harlequin SuperRomance line, Amy Knupp has a very talented web master...her husband, Stonecreek Media. I've been so tempted to have them design a website for me but can't justify spending money until I've actually sold my manuscript...which I should be working on right now!!

But a trend toward video trailers has really started to catch my eye...not because of the effectiveness, but alot of authors are beginning to use this outlet of reaching readers with a visual of their storylines...with a hook. One major drawback though seems to be people with dial-up services aren't able to view because of slow file load and inability to feed fast enough to view the video. I hadn't really paid much attention until the other day when Kay Stockham mentioned hers and being a fan, I relented and went to check it out. I literally got chills. No, it's not a thrilling crime's a Christmas story. Check it out and let me or Kay know what you think.

But I can see (feel) the effectiveness and I'm hooked.


Anonymous said...

That was an amazing trailer. I loved the Christmas music playing best of all I think - hard to choose just what I liked best.

I've always been torn about how much money to put into things like that. It's not like you make a lot to begin with - but - if it helps sell more books, then it's worth it. I guess. I'm conflicted. At least it's not something that I need to decide about right now.

I do want a nicer website one of these days and LOVE the work Stonecreek does.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Trailers are a great way to promote your book but...

I attended a seminar at the NJ Writer's Conference and the general "feel" was that practically EVERYONE is doing a book trailer now, so it's not as exciting as it once was.

I'll have to e-mail you about the fresh and inovative ways some authors talked about marketing themselves.

Chicki said...

I LOVE book trailers! There are some fantastic sites specializing in just trailers. Check out:

1) Book Trailerpark at http//




The problem is once you start watching them, you can't stop!

BTW, if you want info on promotion I have over 200 articles on the subject I've saved for future reference. I've been sharing them with Angela a few at a time. You're welcome to them.

Patricia W. said...

I've got mixed feelings about book trailers. Nice, if done well. I see a lot that are duds. Pacing of the video and choice of text, images, and sound are important.

Then, I hate having my characters embodied before I have a chance to read the book. Just me.

Would I ever buy a book based on a trailer? I don't know. I still find myself needing to read the cover blurb or a brief synopsis.

Patricia W. said...

Knock, knock...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you today. Check out my 10/15 post.