Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the fence...

We were talking recently about career investments, whether it be by methods or with money. Of course I want to fast track my writing career and start my publishing journey as an author...but I don't think I'm really ready when it comes to making a big time money investment. I want soooo badly to go to San Francisco this year to the RWA Nationals. But WOW!! The conference fees are $425 (for early bird registration), hotel room minimum cost per night is $309...per night!!! And airfare is showing up at about $500 if I were to book today.

Now...I know there's a possibility I could find a roommate to cut down on room costs, but WOW. I don't think my writing abilities are worth making a $1500 investment at this point. looks like I may be waiting for something a little closer. I'd also looked into going to Chicago for a chapter conference, but same thing...hotel and airfare will eat me alive.

Did I ever tell you guys what a tight-wad I am?? I'd rather put that money toward building our house. That's also a lifetime investment. And if I'm going to spend that kind of money...I kinda need a guaranteed return on my investment. I know eventually it'll lead to a contract, but WOW. I think I'll have to find a cheaper route.


Chicki Brown said...


$309 a night????? That's insane. It broke my heart to spend $160 a night when we went to Jekyll Island on vacation.

Another thing I've read many times about RWA as far as black writers go, is that it's not particularly beneficial to our careers. Since our books are sold and marketed differently, A-A authors have found that investing in other resources such as Romance Slam Jam and the big book club conferences like the National Book Club Conference is more productive.

The only way I'm going to RWA is if it's held in Atlanta again.

PatriciaW said...

I'd like to go to RWA but the cost is definitely prohibitive. Even as an AA author, because I think I'd get a lot out of the workshops. Probably less out of the social/networking events but then that expectation could simply be self-fulfilling.

I'm shopping around for local stuff too. Fortunately the Black Writers Reunion & Conference is in Tampa this year. Still a $400 registration nut, which I'm not sure where it's coming from, what with summer camps and such.

Online workshops and blogs are it for now. I'll be happy to pay the RWA fees and start attending chapter meetings.

Chelle Sandell said...

I think the work-shops would be a huge benefit but not sure if I can justify paying over $2000 for a trip. I'll have to stick to author articles on their websites. Sometimes you can find the same info online.

What I would love is to meet my online friends from the thread and my crit partners in person!!