Sunday, February 17, 2008

Workin' it out...

So you know, I thought I had a breakthrough and actually got my chapter finished. No. It sucked. And I know why...I hope. But the key is ~ I was writing and not staring at the screen. I sent my chapter out and a wonderful friend lovingly told me it sucked. I needed that. I reread it and it sucked. It's snore boring. Have you ever read a book and hit parts where you just kinda skimmed? I don't want people to skim. I want the reader to fly through the pages and forget the time. Don't we all. *sigh* I felt I'd lost my confidence.

After IM'ing a crit partner until almost 2 am this morning...THANKS RAE!!!...I have a direction. I need to focus on the romance and not so much on telling the story. Yes, I need to increase the conflict but I need to let my characters react to the conflict. They'll tell the story.

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