Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy weekend, guys!

I hope everyone had a productive week. I didn't. *sigh* I found out that I didn't win Donna Alward's contest but she gave me some wonderful advice. Basically...she suggested I do a small amount of emotional layering in a few places. Easy-peasy. We were at the cabin and I didn't even feel like opening my laptop. Been feeling kinda crappy the last couple of days with a little chest cold. No biggie but enough to drag down my energy and motivation. Especially since I didn't have a deadline looming.

So...what's up for the weekend? Any big plans? I think we're going out to eat breakfast in a few minutes and then home to take care of a few small chores. We have to leave out again tomorrow to take Mr. Chelle back to the cabin/jobsite. This afternoon and evening I'll try to work on crits and upload everything. Maybe grill some ribs and smoked sausage when it warms up. Which of course means I have to make my famous potato salad and guacamole dip.

Enjoy your weekend!


Chicki Brown said...

Smoked sausage, potato salad and guacamole? What happened to the diet?????? :) Sounds yummy!

We had the weirdest weather here yesterday. It was lightning, thundering and snowing! For a while it looked like New Jersey with snow covering everything. Come on, this is Hotlanta for crying out loud! This is after slmost 70 degree weather and tornadoes last week.

I can't wait for summer.

Unknown said...

ROFL! I was a good girl. I've kept away from soda and maintained my small weightloss. I'm ready for spring because we're usually alot more active outside.

This weather is definitely a year of record breaking storms. We've got a little snow here at the cabin but will hit high 70's by Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! We've had some freaky weather here too - 80's one day, 40's the next. I am totally ready for summer!