Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

*huge sigh* Feels good to be home and not planning on what needs to be packed for the next trip. At least not in the immediate future. We'll join hubby in Louisiana on the 30th with the new travel trailer. I'll have to buy dishes and linens to stock it but at least those are things that won't have to be packed and moved with every new jobsite. I had a nice relaxing lunch with a friend today and he unloaded some work stress. His job is pretty fascinating to me so it was really interesting just hearing him vent. Grey's Anatomy was good tonight, and next week's episode looks just as promising.

Right now? I'm working on catching up with my crit partners. Hopefully by Monday I'll be ready to work on my WIP without wanting to peek at everyone else's story. That's definitely an issue when I get sucked into the creative world of my writing buddies.

Hope everyone has been productive?!


Chicki said...

I finished my Ch. 8 yesterday while I waited for my granddaughter to get her hair braided. She's participating in a homeschool association geography fair tonight, and I wanted her to look cute. :)

When you get a minute, stop by my blog and read about what her little brother did in B&N last Sunday.


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Ooh, I haven't watched last nights Grey's Anatomy yet, it is waiting on my DVR. Glad to hear it was good though, that show has been very spotty lately.

I have not been very productive lately, since I've been in rewrites I've started to let things slide.

Stephanie said...

I've got to get some sort of crit in. I've had a rough week! And why do I keep forgetting what your husband does?

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki ~ Aww! I bet she looks adorable. I have your chapters downloaded and plan to finish crits tonight. I'll go by your blog and see what little man has been up to;)

Kate ~ I agree about the shows lately. I haven't felt like I missed much when we couldn't watch. But last night was good. Can't wait for next week. I writing has had to take a backseat lately. I was lucky to eek out one crit last week.

Steph ~ I hope to work on crits off and on all weekend. Hubby is a welder and works for Chicago Bridge & Iron. They are building a water tower in Gonzales, Louisiana. I was worried he'd have issues with the heights with just a harness to keep him from falling...but the man just got back from working in a war zone in Iraq. He said that water towers were better than bullets and bombs;)