Friday, March 20, 2009

Good day...

Today was a bit relaxing even though I accomplished alot. I think I'm just happy that I'm not having to drive anywhere. Tomorrow will be another busy day because I'll be pulling out all of my candle, soap and lotion supplies to do an inventory. We're thinking that the restaurant is too risky to try right now with the economy in the toilet.

Anyhoo... My family has agreed that the safest way to start a business right now is to finish the website and start out small. As soon as we see things that work or don't work, we can tweak our product line and not have a high overhead. I need to start making products and figure out what we'll start with. The website has to be designed/programmed and products packaged so I can take pictures. Our plan is to have the website up and running by the end of April. My handmade bars of soap need at least 30 days to cure.

The problem is that I can envision a brick and mortar shop. I can see the building and how I think it should look. It's not really a problem I guess because if the website does well we can start funneling the money into renovating the building and not borrow money. The whole point is that we DO NOT want to borrow money. We have made it our personal mission to pay off ALL of our loans and credit cards. No more debt. This way our overhead will be at a minimum and if we have a slow week or month, we won't be freaking out and worried about making ends meet. But if I can't have my southern comfort food...I can see a little sweet shop with goodies and shelves filled with pretty bling things.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'll be thinking about you when I'm playing scientist and mixing my potions;)


Bethanne said...

That sounds awesome and well-planned!! You and your hubby must be adverturous souls. My hubby? not a risk taker. [okay, he doesn't agree, but it's the definition of risk that differs!] :D My fingers are crossed for you. Well wishes, and prayers. Happy Spring! Glad you are home.

Jennifer Shirk said...

That's smart.

My friend owns a candle company and she had to close her store. (She couldn't pay the rent all the time) especially in this economy. But she's keeping her online business which does well.

Chelle Sandell said...

Betty ~ Thanks, sweetie-pie! Hubby and I just want to have a business we can do together. He doesn't want to have to travel with his job.

Jennifer ~ I love making my candle's and body products...but we want to try to do this as smart as possible so we won't have to worry about closing