Friday, January 29, 2010

Perfect Day

Almost. Of course it would be better if Mr. Chelle were here enjoying a cup of coffee with me as I watch the snow fall. It's not often we get snow in Oklahoma. When we do, I try to take some quiet time and relax. I didn't have much time to myself this morning though. The 16 yo is home from school due to the weather so no early morning rush, but everyone decided to call to check on us this morning. I love my family and friends, don't get me wrong, but the calls started at 6 am. No big deal...except they woke up the little man. And when he realized it was snowing... I had to hog tie him from putting on his snow gear. The ground is frozen solid from the ice storm yesterday. After a major meltdown, he figured out I wasn't letting him outside until the snow covered some of the ice. I warned him I wasn't driving the 20 minutes to the ER if he fell and busted his head. I'd just sew it up myself with a needle and thread. That did it. The boy gags at the word blood. LOL. My luck though, it'd be me falling and busting my butt bone. I'm having a hard enough time getting my poor bones moving to take the dogs out. So I bribed the kid with no homeschool work today since brother is out of school.

My plotting bootcamp is winding down and although I haven't kept up with the assignments, I saved all of the files and plan to work on them today. I printd out more of my outline on index cards. I need to finish the character details and then move on to the actual conflict outline. One of the things that has distracted me is so many pitches going on right now. I participated in Donna Alward's mentor pitch, and now Harlequin/Silhouette have a few coming up soon. Which makes it very tempting to put away the historical WIP to work on my contemporary romances.

I'm off to say hi to a couple of my blog buddies...and unplug so I can make an attempt at an assignment or two. Have a happy and productive day!!


Marcie said...

I think it was great you participated in Donna's pitch and was one of the top picks. I didn't get to participate - I'm in the beginning stages. And the coolest thing - she takes the time to respond to everyone. She gave me some eye-opening feedback last year.
With the pitches coming up at Harlequin/Silhouette - if you get a chance to participate - good luck!
It was great to 'see' you on the Supers thread!

Chelle Sandell said...

I am so impressed how she takes the time to give feedback. That's one of the biggest reasons I went ahead and tried again this year with a different book. I'm trying to get back in to my writing and really missed the Supers thread. It was great "seeing" you!

Chicki said...

That was a great way to get little man to stay inside! LOL!

Hope you had a productive writing day ...

R.M.GIlbert said...

Would you be willing to give examples of how you pitch? You seem to fair quite well.

I'd be interested to see what your pitches look like. :) Don't worry I've got plenty of my own ideas, I just wonder what verbage you use.

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki ~ He has been having a ton of fun in the snow. But he gets cold pretty quick and has learned that I make him "coffee" to warm up...but it's hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Rach ~ That's a great idea for a blog. I've got to post a couple of blog awards and I'll post the pitch blog one day this week. Thanks for the great idea.