Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Addiction

With a big ol' corn fed cowboy and two growing boys, new recipes are a must to keep my guys from getting bored with the same old meat and potatoes.  For years I've relied on watching Food Network and adapting recipes to our simple tastes.  I was thrilled when I found Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, and her recipes that rarely need tweaking.  She has the BEST meatloaf we've found so far.  It's a favorite around here and I know it's a keeper when everyone is quiet and goes back for seconds. 

But there's a new kid in town and so boys are in heaven.  Pinterest Oh, how we love you.  Actually I have a love/hate thing going on.  I don't have the free time to be browsing for new recipes or craft ideas.  I've been really good in the last couple of weeks and tried to stay away.  Then one of my rude friends will pin something scrumptious, or adorable, and I'm gone.  *sigh*  I don't hear my cowboys complaining because it means they'll soon be subject to a recipe experiment.  But I have a million things to do that do not include social media.  Like critiques for my writing buddies and a 3 page essay paper.

Speaking of social media time sucks...I've got a paper due by midnight.  So here's what we're having for dinner.  So easy-peasy that the cowboy cooked dinner I've got to go before he catches me blogging instead of writing my essay. ;)

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Debora Dennis said...

That looks awesome. Hoping to try pinterest soon!