Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to work...

Summer is officially over in our household.  Fall classes are in full swing for the Man/Child and I.  I'm homeschooling Little Man this year and I've got his lessons planned for at least a month.  The Man/Child has decided to take part-time classes at a local college while he works full-time.  *sigh*  I hate that he has the opportunity to go to college full-time and only work part-time...but he is considering moving out and wants to test the waters in the real world.  Thankfully he's not in a hurry and has confessed that he loves having the comfort of our family life.  It helps that I understand he's on the edge of freedom from mom and dad, but I just wish my heart had a better grasp on it.  It doesn't help that I've witnessed a few cruelties of the real world and wish I could wrap my child in bubblewrap and keep him safe a wee bit longer.

Anyhoo.  My hands are working because I've started Remicade infusions and they seem to be helping.  But some days I get around a little slower than normal with the fall weather pattern throwing cold fronts our way.  My cowboy and the rowdy boys make my blessed life so much easier by helping without being asked.  Well, ok, I do have to ask occasionally.  :)  We had the cowboy's birthday party last weekend with friends and family.  It's also our favorite time of year so we'll be having a few more cookouts and football watch parties.

My writing, you ask? Slow and painful.  Fall classes are kicking my butt and I'm swamped between my homework and Little Man's studies.  I actually have four chapters finished and up for critique in both of my groups.  One day at a time.  My current goal is to work towards establishing a better schedule so I can fit everything in that I need to accomplish.  My writing is taking a backseat and it's difficult to find the time to be able to sit and immerse myself in the story.

What is everyone working on?  Has your schedule changed with the start of school?


Debora Dennis said...

As much as I love this time of year - it's more for the weather than for the return to routines. But, this year I'm determined to find a routine that really works for me. Hope your "slow and painful" turns to fast and feeling great one day soon!

Chelle Sandell said...

I feel much better between cold fronts. LOL. So I'll take a couple of bad days compared to deathly heatwaves.