Friday, September 14, 2012


*sigh*  I am plum worn out.  This last week has kicked my behind, peeps.  My day begins with opening up the house and turning off the AC now that the weather has cooled.  I let the dogs out and clean up any mess in the kitchen from the guys preparing their daily lunches and start laundry.  I either make coffee or open my morning energy drink and take my meds.  Then I check email, respond, check in with my crit groups, check in with OU online classes, and prepare Little Man's schoolwork for the day.  Time for a nap yet?  No?  *sigh*  Ok...if Little Man is still asleep, I start working on any class assignments I have due.  If nothing is due immediately?  I open a chapter to write/revise or a crit.  The rest of my day just goes downhill from there as soon as Little Man wakes up.  Today's Friday so the cowboy comes home earlier than usual and our weekend plans take over.  And now that college football season has begun?!  My Saturdays revolve around family plans and football games.  Woohoooo!! Passionate Critters critique group is on a new mission to create goals for ourselves and FOCUS.  Whether it's related to writing or your daily grind...FOCUS on creating a schedule that works in everything you need to get accomplished.  My mornings mainly consist of personal and household activities but my new focus will be to include at least 30 minutes of writing time, critiques, and exercising.  I've been stressed out lately because now homeschooling is taking up any extra time I had to write.  But it doesn't have to.  So many times I've skated through the day to realize I didn't really get anything done I'd intended.  So here goes nothing...FOCUS.  Yes, my focus definitely needs more focus.  I've written my goals on a large index card and have it sitting beside my laptop to remind me of where my attention needs to be.

How about you?  Any methods or programs you use that you'd like to share?                    

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