Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen reasons to procrastinate...

I went through a whiny phase because it was easy to do. It was easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on and some of my writing buddies are going through the same problems. But I read a post recently that had me motivated...for a whole day 1/2! So this is where my Thursday Thirteen skips along...

1....It's raining outside. My brain goes into dream mode when I hear raindrops falling.
2....Hubby coming home and I need to at least "look" like I have things under control so he won't freak out and "worry" about me.
3....My oldest gets out of school tomorrow.
4....The dogs need a bath. It's raining...
5....Everyone's taking vacations and it makes me feel the need to get ready for ours...No? It sounded good to me.
6....My little one needs more attention since we cut out naps...I miss them a heck of alot more than he does.
7....I need to clean the house. I must need a break if I'm more willing to clean than write...ughhh.
8....My characters are on strike and refuse to speak to me.
9....The piles on my desk make it hard to type.
10....I've got instant adult conversation distracting me now that we moved closer to Mom and my aunt. It's all their fault! They are bad influences and keep bugging me to go to the Farmer's Market.
11....Rosie freaked out on the view and is blaming her cohost for the fact that she is overweight and gay. I got a little distracted way up here on my soapbox. Come on Rosie...any more excuses for what's coming out of your mouth? She's upset cause she made a comment insinuating our troops are the real terrorists and now supposedly her cohosts won't back her up...and she's surprised. But she is saying it's cause she's fat and a lesbian...what in the hell does that have to do with the fact that she spoke without realizing how many patriotic people would be offended. Didn't her own show get canceled for ratings? I know The View's ratings have gone way up but everyone I know quit watching it because of her inflexible views. If you don't believe in her view she speaks louder and is demeaning cause everyone who doesn't go along with her is wrong, stupid, naive...she likes to call people names. We called that a bully when I went to school.
12....The sun is about to shine...
13....Plain and simple ~ cause I feel lazy and rebellious.
I have all the good intentions. I want to write, I need to write but I don't want to. Go figure. Maybe I'll come across something else to get the motivational juices flowing. Tomorrow I'll post the eight random thingies about myself I owe Ms. Jennifer. Make you guys wonder one more day about Paris Jail Sentence
4 more days...Kris gets to go through London on the way home...
London Underground Tower Bridge


Chicki Brown said...

It's terrible. I can always find a million reasons to procrastinate. But then I get so mad at myself for not doing what I know I'm supposed to be doing.

Right now I too much to do, and it's making me nervous.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! Great list.

I'm in trouble,too. My daughter doesn't nap either anymore and the last day of her preschool was Wednesday. **gasp**

Bella said...

Hey Chelle, I promised myself that I'll stop by friends' logs once a week and catch up, despite my crazy summer. Sounds like you have quite a list of whinies not to write (I'm in your shoes big time and feeling guilty like crazy). Hope you get your groove on soon and get back to writing. Me? We'll see.