Thursday, September 18, 2008


My writer friend, Nadia Lee, has tagged me to list "six unspectacular quirks about myself".

Here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. List 6 unspectacular quirks you have. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each person’s blog to let them know they’ve been tagged. Here are my quirks:

1) I hate using premade/store bought sauces to use in my meals. The boys and hubby know the difference and usually won't eat. Since I'm a foodie, I've probably spoiled them. Not that I make fancy meals or anything. They're just used to home cooked meals.

2) I'm a FoodNetwork addict. I LOVE watching Ace of Cakes and would kill to be able to make cakes the way they do. Maybe one of these days when I have a real kitchen...I might even try something cool for the little man's 6th birthday coming up.

3) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching shows that detail or show actual medical procedures. I had to take cadaver anatomy in college for my Occupational Therapy degree and was one of only a few that could go directly to lunch after class and discuss the procedures we were working on while eating.

4) I have to agree with Jennifer here...I can't write if my house is a mess. It doesn't have to be "clean", but it can't be a mess.

5) And here...I would rather clean the toilet than iron clothes. And I married a man that has to have his jeans and dress shirts starched. I'd rather miss going out to eat and splurge on drycleaners before I stand and iron something.

6) I can't sleep unless I have a fan on. Don't care if it's a ceiling fan or a floor fan. Gotta have that air on my face for some reason, even in the winter.

I won't tag anyone, but please play along if you have a spare moment!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Restaurant Pictures

Okay, guys...please excuse me today. I need to show a friend some pictures of a potential business location.

This is the front of the two buildings. It’s the single story green building with the flat aluminum awning. The other two multi-story buildings are all attached on the ground floor. The glass is painted where the front door is located, and we’ll wash it off after the film festival. Kris knows how to attach a metal awning to the building and slope it down the metal bars to attach it to the front of the current flat awning. We can paint the building and awning to match the logo. And we can order t-shirts and hats for marketing.

This is the East side and you can see the side steel door and the 9ft. steel fence which encloses the patio.

This is the back of the building, the patio and heating and air unit on the roof.

This is the garage door leading out to the back patio. We could take out the door and install steel French doors. Kris is holding up the plastic so you can see some of the restaurant equipment we already have. There should be several stainless steel sinks, prep counters with a warmer, a commercial mixer, griddle and gas burners. Not quite sure until we can pull it all out but I think it's in good shape. Most of the interior wall has been sheet-rocked except for the back area that they cut out for the kitchen. The majority of the floors are concrete with some carpeting. A small portion is wood. Not sure what condition until we pull up the carpet. There was an old bathroom in the corner that mom pulled out. But at least there is plumbing and a drain.

This is the rest of the building on the side attached to the main part where we live. It is the side with the plate glass front and the garage door to the patio. About 1/3 of the old tin ceiling by the garage door/patio looks rough, and we'll either need to replace tin or take down and put in new ceiling. The lighting is flourescent and hangs from the high ceiling, but we have large antique lights upstairs we can use instead. I don't know if they work or why they were saved by the previous owner.
The two areas beside the front door can be used for booths to seat waiting customers, and a hostess stand which can hold menus and a seating chart.
This is the side with the front door which opens onto Main street and a large steel door that opens into the alley.