Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well...hopefully all of you made it through Monday without a scratch. My day turned out to be pretty ok. Little man had Taekwondo practice and as much as I hated to drag myself out of my pj's, he needed the exercise and kiddo interaction. Hubby finally sold our extra 5th wheel hitch which means I'll get the charm necklace that I've been drooling over for my birthday. Yay me!! I'll have to take pictures and post on Thursday. And I actually cooked dinner last night. The boys were kind enough to let me know I'd slacked off lately and they were due for a homecooked meal. I made ranch style fried chicken, cheddar-garlic mashed potatoes with fresh parsley, and a salad. I'm sure I could've been more creative with the veggies but that's another story.

Several of you mentioned struggling with your chosen path. That was the reason for my post. I think we're all faced at some point, or on a regular basis, with doubts or roadblocks. While my first instinct and reaction is to pray, I eventually have to make a decision to move on. The reason I'm so nostaligic recently is because I've been faced with some difficult choices and my path is changing because of possible roadblocks.

I've openly shared with you guys my passion to bulldoze forward with our family dream to own a restaurant. We've started and stopped in the past for various reasons but I really thought this was the time to move forward. I've put alot of time and energy lately into the business planning and building a solid foundation so we wouldn't be faced with problems later down the line. The website for my bath & body shop is ready for product pictures and descriptions. I've been so busy that I've had to put my publishing dreams on hold.

Until now. I think the decision has been made for me. I finally have a name for my health issues. Recently my body has been telling me to slow down and I prayed that I could find the strength to keep pushing and would slow down once we could hire people to step in and help. Wrong. My lab tests came back positive and the diagnosis is Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have an appointment with a specialist to begin my treatment plan to stop the progression, but my doctor believes I also have Lupus with possible lung and kidney involvement. Which really sucks because I'll have to start taking pills on a daily basis.

My doc says that RA and Lupus affects everyone differently but because of my symptoms and apparent progression, I need to forget the restaurant plans. He believes that once they begin the treatment I'll have some pain relief, but the stress and physical demands of owning a restaurant will be too much. They'll send me to occupational/physical therapy to help with the pain in my joints and muscles. My son's Taekwondo instructor says he'll add Yoga and Tai-Chi to his classes and that will help with my fatigue. And we'll have an excuse to get a hot tub. Darn it. ;)

Chosen path? What about roadblocks? Methinks my writing has sabotaged the restaurant. It looks as if my writing will take center stage again. I'll deal with rejections and editing just like I have in the past. If it doesn't work...find a way to fix it or move on. God answers prayers in mysterious ways. ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chosen Path

Good Monday morning! I hope ya'll had a spectactular weekend...or at least didn't hurt yourselves?! ;) I began my Monday morning with a sick teen man/child and a dog who couldn't wait to be let out. *sigh* Lovely. I want to be grouchy, but I just read a post from one of my blog friends and feel uplifted for some odd reason.

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to work through adversity? Whether you're working full-time outside of the home and go home exhausted only to start your second job as mom in charge, or you're a stay-at-home mom trying to find time to write between children wanting, fighting or whining. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I don't know how I ever worked two jobs as a single parent. You just do it. You could have 10 children or none at all. You may have a simple cold or life altering disease. Maybe it is/was a rejection on a manuscript you absolutely feel is a best-seller. We all have our conflicts, internal and external roadblocks.

Isn't that what we torture our characters with? It's our job to create substantial conflict to sustain it through to the end. Have you had a professional, a reader or crit partner question the character's motive or strength of conflict? What may be enough to some, may not be worthy to another.

You may not even be a writer, but I think most of us have a chosen path. It may change tomorrow for whatever reason, choices come with consequences. Good or bad. I think it's all about how we roll with the punches. Good or bad. Is it fate or a higher power that changes the path for us or helps us keep our feet planted firmly along the journey? Have faith and confidence in your choices. Have faith in your path and it'll shine through to those chosen to be a part of that path.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


One of my crit partners posted an interesting link the other day and I thought I'd run it past you guys. I've never known anyone who went the self-publishing route, that I know of anyways, and I hadn't really looked in to it. It is definitely a dream of mine to be published, but not if I have to fork out the money to do it.

Author J.A. (Joe) Konrath has an interesting blog that I check out often. When I followed the link my crit partner posted, I wasn't surprised to see where it took me. I found this particular post interesting because I hadn't heard about self-publishing directly through Kindle or any of the digital readers. It's something I'd like to check into further to see if there are any hidden snags we should be aware of. One thing I wonder about is if there is a contract involved that would tie up my rights in case I get an offer through a print publisher. The only cost involved seems to be for the cover art. You'd have to be serious about marketing yourself and getting your name out there, but I believe it could be something worth considering.

See what ya think...

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I came across a post on one of my favorite blogs that I have to share. I've talked before about layering character emotions but I had an "aha" moment after reading this post...

Method to the madness - How Acting Can Make You a Better Writer

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge Bob Mayer fan and love to visit the Warriorwriter's Blog to see what industry tips I can pick up that might help me on my writing journey to pubbed land. Warriorwarrior's Blog is a publishing industry blog presenting the main principles from NY TIMES Best-Selling Author Bob Mayer's, "Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Tactics for Success." The contributing author of the blog is professional editor Kristen Lamb.

As I read the blog post, I began to think about the western historical I've been working on. I've been stuck on the plot and the internal conflict for my hero. So I came at it from a different angle. I usually interview my characters but this time I tried to look at it strictly from his POV. But it still seemed lacking something for me. I think I'll go ahead and interview him and then try the role play. I'll put myself in the hero POV in a scene instead of working from the dialogue reactions.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! My Sooners are playing Texas. BOOMER SOONERS!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's one of those days. I just want to growl at everyone. Hubby has been home alot due to the fact that their current job is located in town and he hasn't had to travel. The weather has been rainy and wet the last couple of days and too dangerous for the guys to work. I love him being home, but he's worse than the kids sometimes and I can't focus on my to-do list. I finally finished critting a beta read for a crit partner and I'm trying to get through the chapters I'm judging for a contest. I've had two doctors appointments in a week and driving in to the city has severely limited my writing time. Grrrr.

The teen man/child is on Fall Break and I let a friend spend the night. They wanted to go over to the girlfriend's house to hang out. No problem. Of course...boys will be boys and they woke us up around 1 am. Hubby wasn't happy because he had to be up for work at 5 am. So being a grouchy butt today, I decided to check out the man/child's grades online. Not good. His grades have dropped. I'm sure he'll be surprised and have issues with being on restriction for the rest of the break. Which means he will be under my feet, and just as grouchy. Grrrr.

Our local writers conference is coming up in November. I found a couple of workshops and registered, but overall was disappointed with the selections this year. At least I can get together with some of my OKRWA sisters and spend quality adult time away from the house. Maybe some of their pubbed creative dust will rub off and I can refill my well. ;)

How do you motivate yourself when chaos reigns around you? Maybe...if I growl loud enough the family will back off and let me spill my guts on paper. Maybe...if I unload some of this emotion...it won't be a grrrr day.

I am woman. Hear me grrrrrrrrrrr.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Bad Blogger

Sorry I've been neglecting you guys lately. Things have been pretty hectic around here as usual. Hubby is home working on a local job for a couple of months, which means I can't get away with simple meals. Fortunately he helps with preparation and clean-up, but it still means more elaborate meal planning, shopping and cooking.

The restaurant plans are on hold until we can get our architectural plans back and approved by the city inspector. I've ordered an update for my website software so I can finish the shopping cart for my bath & body products. I've ordered new fragrances and will hopefully start making the soaps and lotions. I'm looking forward to putting on my scientist coat and experimenting. Mwahaha.

As for my passion?! I submitted the first chapter of my WIP to OKRWA's Finally A Bride contest. I'm thinking we might know something by the end of the month. This week...I'm working on finishing up a beta read for one of my crit partners and judging 6 entries for a contest.

AND....a HUGE shout out for my crit partner, Ami Weaver!!! Girlfriend won the Georgia RWA Maggie award for the Unpublished Contemporary Series Romance category!!! You rock, honey!! She'll definitely be busy polishing her ms because they've requested the full manuscript. Congrats!