Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sex, sex and more sex...

Did I get your attention? Good hook word huh? Tuesday I read a great post by Wendy Crutcher on Romancing the Blog appropriately titled 'Toothache'. I am a writer. Okay. A romance writer...who cringes when it comes to a sex scene. HUH?! Whatever. Have you ever sat down and tried to write a sex scene. Not something out of Playboy, but something that was full of tension...emotion and credible words creating a real life sex scene. Not something so syrupy sweet that it makes my teeth hurt.

The 'Toothache' post was basicly a discussion about credible sex scenes in books the blog author had read. I agreed with her on several points because there is nothing more frustrating to me than loving a book and getting to a scene...especially a love scene...that doesn't fit the tone. I'm not reading romance for the sex. It's a bonus. If it's well written. I have never counted sex scenes in the books I have read. I can enjoy a book with alot of tension because it makes me WANT to see the characters interact. Compare it with foreplay. The more tension you build...the better it is. A scene that is.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oprah wows them again!

Last night I almost forgot about Oprah's dream school program for the girls in Africa. I caught most of it...and constantly teared up. My throat hurt by the time the show ended. I recently remarked about our wonderful country and how people sometimes forget our freedoms. Our military men/women and families pay a heavy price for our freedom but so many conveniently forget what that gives us...possibilities.

So many of the children in Third World countries will never have the possibilities of being safe, an education or having even 1 decent meal a day...much less in a lifetime. But it is because they have no options. What pisses me off when I see what those children will never have without caring people and organizations, like Oprah and her Angel Network, is to see our poverty levels in the U.S.A.

There are at least opportunities. Oprah saw them and to know where she came from...compared to where she is not just her own ambition for more, but because of the country we live in. My family is by no means wealthy, but we can work. We want to work...we want more for our family. My children. We can work because of opportunities we choose to take. Those girls on the show last night wouldn't have had a chance because of where they live. For most of them there is no way out. It's all they know.

I won't bore you with my soapbox tirade on our welfare system and the people who take advantage of it, but last night's show gave me a kick in the motivation side of my behind. I can be more...because it's there. I can do more...because it's there for me to grab.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar night

I'm an old woman hoo. I tried to stay up late to watch the Academy Awards to see who got the Oscar for supporting roles. I was mostly interested in whether or not Jennifer Hudson won. Talk about a whirlwind ride! Yay! She won. Good for her. Gives alot of inspiration for those struggling toward a dream. But no...I didn't make it in time to watch. I fell asleep at 10ish. Oh well. I'm sure her speech will be shown a couple of times in the next week. The dresses were beautiful and it was fun to see the red carpet walk.

Has anyone seen the documentary by James Cameron about the archeology find? Some people believe they have found the tomb of Jesus, Mary Magdalane (sp?) and a boy child. Could it be? If it confirms centuries of debate as to the marriage and descendents of Christ. We finally watched the Davinci Code and it gave me chills. What do you think?

Thursday, February 22, 2007


What a wonderful day! One of RAH's talented writer's has had her first taste of publication. She has her book, hot off the press, in her hot little hands. Congratulations Aasiyah Qamar! We are so very proud of you darlin'.

You Are The Woman

So much so I couldn't decide how to help you celebrate...

So I will go out today and buy up a supply of chocolate...

Big Hug

And help you...or celebrate with/for you!!!!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Playing hooky

I played today. Didn't write or edit a word. I had a little accident the other day and hurt my foot. Of course it kept me from writing so - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tongue Out

I get to wear a boot/brace and get lots of attention so I guess I can deal with the pain. LOL. But I mainly cruised through everyone else's hard work and started to sweat from the exertion and called it quits.

Tomorrow is a new day, bright and shiny. I'll be back.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Over the weekend, I guess, we lost another celebrity. Mentally that is. What kills me is the amount of money and power these people have and they can't handle the "pressure". But yet you see so many others that do so much and pay it forward.

Poor Britney. She married a bad boy, one who she had taken from a pregnant girlfriend. And she can't understand why it didn't work? She shaves her identity off and gets yet another tattoo and cries that she wants her momma. It's sad when tattoo artists and a hair salon owner can see the hurt and a little girl lost. The press sensationalized her party splurge with Paris Hilton where she was runnin' around without her drawers on. That's something for her boy's to proud of. Where is her family now? Did she run them off with the power trip we saw when she did her reality tv show? Have they given up on her or are they waiting for her to hit bottom because she refused to listen to those that cared the most?

I can see where it could be hard to trust people around you when you're paying the bills for an entire entourage to come out and play. But when it's supporting family and friends that are willing to give up their own identity and everything else to follow you around and be there for you mentally and physically...

I love it when people say that money is evil. Especially when lottery stories get out about what money did to a winners life. Well...when your family, friends and strangers are knocking down the door with requests, I can see how that would be hard. Of course my hubby and I have dreamed the lottery dream of what we would do if we won. It was amazing how much our answers were similar. The first issues would be home and direct needs for us and close family. Not a multi-million dollar home or an Italian sports car...just an upgrade from where we are now. So many winners went out and spent their millions on desires instead of a future. Isn't that what most of us want though, a great future where you won't have to struggle anymore? Not that I'm saying we wouldn't splurge on a few things. Our big splurge was wanting to take our boys on some incredible vacations. My basic (tight-wad) self would never imagine paying $1000 a night for a boys will appreciate a $100 a night room just as much. It is about the memories we could create for our family. Not, how it would feel to own a $500,000 car. We would also want to pay it forward somehow...maybe college scholarships for low income families or houses for single mothers.

I don't know...won't unless we win the lottery. But I think people never basically change. If you have a good heart and foundation, it will show. Same thing if you let greed and hate rule your heart.

Kind of a weird post today...but I've been told lately that I'm weird...if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Something to smile about

A friend gave me a gift today. I read a joke that was posted on a writer friend's blog, Erin Patrick, and it brought a smile. Take a peek ~

The Power of Women

There were 11 people -- ten men and one woman -- hanging onto a rope that came down from a helicopter. They all decided that one person should get off, because if they didn't, the rope would break and everyone would die. No one could decide who should go, so finally, the woman gave a really touching speech saying how she would give up her life to save the others, because women were used to giving up things for their husbands and children, giving in to men, and not receiving anything in return. When she finished speaking, all the men started clapping.

Get it?

Have a very blessed day!

Angel 2

Friday, February 16, 2007

Weird...who me?

It seems as if the girls are on a roll...again. I've been tagged...again. Jennifer, you're a bad, bad girl. LOL. This time she tells me to list 6-10 things about myself that are weird. Me - weird? Right, ok, my friends could probably do a much better job at this. What's funny is I went to several of their websites (which are so much more prettier and professional looking compared to my rantings) and took a peek at their lists. I. am. not. weird. They are. LOL.

1. I insist on the toilet paper to hang UNDER!! If it is hanging over you have to hold it when you try to pull it off or it goes all over the floor. Eeeuuuuwwww yuck. Anyone that has boys (my entire household) knows that bathroom floors can never be truly clean. And unlike remain nameless (jen) I do not change it when I go to my neighbors/friends. Why in the world would I use the bathroom at my neighbors?
Scared 2

2. Which I guess could take me to another possible weird thing ~ I DO NOT use the bathroom in public places, unless of course I will embarrass myself (worse than usual) and leave a trail unless I HAVE to make it to the closest bathroom....


(Yes, I am a little bit anal)

3. Okay, that can be another one I guess. I've been stuck in the first 3 chapters editing my stupid WIP cause, okay - I'm anal. I have to be sitting in the same spot (on couch w/ lots of pillows) with my laptop in order to write.

4. I hate dirty clothes on my boys. Thats a hoot...dirty ~ boys? Hmmmm. Bathrooms ~ boys. EEeeeeuuuuwwww. Yes, I do a ton of laundry.

5. I absolutely, positively HATE (terrified) to drive across bridges. There is an old steel span over a river that I have to cross every morning when I take my oldest to school. Then there was this time when we were in Florida...I almost stopped traffic because I was driving so slow. Hubby probably could've taken the wheel and noone would've known because we were almost at a standstill. LOL. Bless his heart. He is so patient.

6. WooHoo. I'm on a roll now, baby! I cannot wear socks or long pants to bed. I've tried. Been really cold. Can't do it.

7. I hate for dogs to lick me. Feels weird. No reason for it. I know they love me. They tell me so.


I think I will stop there because I'm feeling the need for a little therapy. But who to tag? Jennifer used everyone I know darn it. Bella! Don't want to leave you out darlin'.

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? The writer's are just plain evil! They can't kill off Meredith. Meredith Grey...Grey's Anatomy? I found the writer's blog. How cool.
Check it out...Grey Matter.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Character or Plot?

On Monday, Allison Brennan posted an interesting read (Romancing the Blog) about her thoughts on how indepth character backgrounds show up in television. It was really interesting and made me think about how now some of the different shows work in this aspect. When I had more time and watched a variety of shows I could just spout off character info to my hubby if he needed to catch up. But some of the shows on television are more reality now than plot and character driven.

One show that instantly came to mind was Grey's Anatomy. I think they are pretty good about throwing in past history and family issues with each one of the characters to show reasons for their personality. Like Meredith Grey and her personal relationships with people and how her mother/father issues affect her.

Is that something you notice in any of the television you may watch?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day with your loved ones! My friend Jennifer Shirk posted a cool love quiz on her site. Check it out...Quiz

Hubby and I rated ~ True Love! (Big Surprise) Love Gaze

Miss U Well, at least I don't have to share my chocolate! Chocolate Valentine

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Non-Divorce Divorce

The news had a segment this morning on a growing trend supposedly...the non-divorce relationship. It's a state of matrimony without benefits. I suppose the benefits for the kids would be keeping the one household. But I wonder what the relationship between the parents would be like? I am a little biased because I was previously married and our divorce was amicable. We never should of married, but at first I didn't want a divorce because I was scared to death to be a single parent. But when his benefits continued while I remained at home and carried the household while he carried on with his extra-curricular activities with another, I realized that the best thing for the baby - wasn't what we were living.

I grew up in a tense, argumentative environment. My mother also didn't want us kids to be without a father but we went through worse. He was an alcoholic and we often had to listen while they didn't argue in front of the kids...

I remarried and now I am in a loving, healthy marriage and we've had our problems, but we are older and more mature to realize what happens when you don't work for something you really want. What happens when one isn't willing to work for it? Marriage can be hard. It can also be easy, especially when you have someone to share the burdens with, but we can't make someone do something they don't want to.

I can't even begin to judge what others may be or may have dealt with in a bad marriage. Or what may be best for their a parent I believe it is our adult responsibility to do what is best for our children. Whether it is to remain in a marriage or not...not my call. How is the relationship between the adult partners? Can you deal without anger, resentment towards a spouse who moves onto another relationship while still technically married? How do you handle interaction between each other...whether or not you think the kids can hear you? Cause they are alot more attentive and can see tension without it being obvious.

Oh well...just sounded like an interesting debate. There will be some that would never encourage divorce but others who have lived both sides and will argue for it. I chose divorce and think because of it we were better for it. It took some adjusting and work but we are actually better now for it. We've grown up and both really care about our child so we work together. I have forgiven him, but not forgotten. I moved on and worked on my own personal needs and future. It isn't affecting our child so I am fortunate. My marriage now is one I see as I grow old. I'm one of the lucky ones.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Soapbox tirade

Sorry guys...a friend mentioned the Grammys last night and it brought up fresh memories of something I feel very strongly about. Free speech. I loved the segment with Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer. They are a very soulful collection of talented artists singing about life. Life can be can be hard..but rarely is it easy for anyone. Many of us work very hard just to survive. Whether you want to say it's luck, God or just happens. Some people have it much easier than others, but alot of people work VERY hard to get ahead and then are criticised once they get there. Oprah wasn't just handed her money and status. She worked to get there. There are actually some people that use their power to give back..for good, to help others. But lately I have noticed some stars using their status to satisfy their own agenda against the government because they are unhappy with the war and decisions our President has made.

What an INCREDIBLE country we live in! I look, read and hear (hubby and cousin in Iraq) about life outside of the US. People are arrested and/or just disappear for simply working as a professor in a university and teaching their countrymen/women about democracy. Many reasons could be considered as free speech here in our country or a simple misdemeanor, where you would get a fine or community service. People are being slaughtered in 3rd world countries simply because they exist or are a certain religion/nationality. My son got upset last night because he's on restriction (grades) from the computer and I wouldn't let him check his email. NO...I didn't start spouting off or jump up on my box. But I cringe sometimes when I hear my children gripe because of some "hardship" they have endured.

The Dixie Chicks were a favorite country group of mine. But several years ago while in Paris (I believe) they were on stage and began saying how embarrassed they were to be from the same state of Texas as the President. Of course with anti-war views at a high with the French they received a standing ovation where they continued ranting and raving throughout the concert against our country. MOVE. Go anywhere but back home. Our country became what it is because of the belief we have in freedom. I don't always agree in how, what or why. But I am free. I hate the fact that I am taxed 6 different ways on the money I have earned before it goes into my childrens mouth...or to keep them warm. But I have the opportunity to be what I am and are willing to work for. People work in other countries and may make $300 or less A MONTH and they live on rice and community water that I wouldn't want to give my dogs. Last night the Dixie Chicks sang a song about "not ready to make nice" and it is about the fact that they believe strongly about what they do about our President and government and they won't apologise. At least they have that option and won't be arrested as they enter the US. At least they won't be beheaded. They can believe what they want...I'm not their judge and jury. But I don't have to listen. I can turn the channel. I have my rights as well.

I can debate with the best of them. I can complain with the rest of them. But I can vote in the next election and teach my children to do the same. But I won't bore you any more with my tirade. I have family and friends in the military and it upsets me for them to be upset and feel that the country doesn't support them. We don't live in a perfect world and I agree there are so many things that should/could/can be different. But look how far we've come. Could be worse. But at least I have the opportunity to make things better for my family.

Friday, February 09, 2007

My best friend

I had a little jolt today. As a country girl, I am an adoring, long-time fan of musician Tim McGraw. Was before he married Faith Hill. But as the years have gone by I have watched him grow, not just as a man and an artist, but as a loving and caring husband/father.

When I met my husband, I thought to myself...hmmm with a mustache/gotee he would look like Tim McGraw. He grew one, just for me. Over the years of our marriage I have watched him grow as well. He is so loving, faithful and a wonderful father/husband. I prayed for years to meet someone who loved unconditionally. Not only does he, but completely. I absolutely thank God for such blessings he's given us. No matter how broke we've been, or major difficulties we've been through, we always had each other to get us through our problems. He had to shave before he left. But there will definitely be enough time to grow his mustache back. His black hat and boots are sitting by the door, waiting with me.

Before he left we saw Tim McGraw's latest movie "Flicka" and I commented about how I liked to watch my husband while he is riding horses and thought he should've been in the movie as a stand-in for Mr. McGraw. Well, the movie came out on DVD and I watched it tonight. And I cried...and cried...and boo-hoo'd. Had to quit cause my little one came in the room and got upset cause mommy was hurt. I have my good moments...and bad. Since I only got to talk with him for 20 minutes this morning...this was a bad moment. But I'm glad I've got the boys so I HAVE to be strong. I think about him...and all our guys/girls...over there away from everyone and everything they love. At least I'm safe in our environment with all of our familiar settings/routines. But he sounds happy and safe. He'll be home soon.

They just played the Superbowl commercial...the Chevy one where the girls are at a stoplight and all these guys start stripping and dancing...washing the Chevy...cause "guys can't keep their hands off a Chevy". Blew a little snot-bubble laugh on that one. At least I smiled.

In the meantime, the family has been sick with various crud going around. I jinxed us when I mentioned how lucky we've been this year. Several of my crit partners have been down with the yucks as well...hope you all feel much better and soon!!! Spring is right around the corner. What's your weather like?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Support An Author

I'll be one of the first to admit that because of our past financial situation, I looked for my reading material at the local library and used book stores. Especially because I can read fast and I very rarely read a book twice. Why buy a book and try to find precious storage space when I'll never read it again?

Well, now I know. A very large issue writers and authors are facing now is that problem. If fans-readers don't BUY their books, the publisher's numbers won't reflect the profit needed to sustain a specific line and/or author. Why buy manuscripts from an author if they can't make enough money to cover advances? Why should a publishing house continue a line if they can't make payroll?

Writers do what they do best, mostly because of a dream or desire to write. Being a published author is the ultimate goal. Few authors actually make the money we all dream of for that second vacation home or to achieve television movie status. But publishing houses are in it to make money. They can't stay in business or venture into new lines if the readers aren't buying books.

So do your favorite author a favor, the economy a favor and BUY your next book/s. I may not be published...YET!! But many of us will never get the opportunity if editors are reluctant to take a chance on new authors.

Which also makes me think of every time I or my son goes online to download music. Musicians and recording artists have been fighting pirating downloads because they are facing the same issues. Their money is made when we BUY their music...something to think about anyways.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Try it you'll like it!

One of my friends, Chicki Brown, has an interesting challenge on her blog to celebrate Black History month. I'd like to copy some of her post for reference...hope it's okay?

Since Wayne Jordan already wrote a short yet wonderful blog on February 3rd on the subject over at Romancing the Blog, please look here to read his thoughts. Then you can go to and click the Kimani box at the top of the page or to see the latest in African American fiction of all genres.

One of the things she encourages all of us is to try something new. We constantly tell our children to try something new, but as adults do we? As an avid romance reader I usually read by favorite author first and then the line I am targeting as a writer. As a teenager I pretty much read what was available. Which mostly strayed racially to "Savage" Indian kidnaps white woman or Indian squaw falls in love with white trapper. As I am Native American it got a little old. I may be a blonde hair, blue-eyed southern girl, I am very proud of my family heritage.

Recently though I started straying outside of my norm and noticed Nelson George. His romance-mystery caught my eye and sounded interesting. But what amazed me as I started researching him, was his background. What an interesting man...take a look at his past and current projects.

Please take time to try something new!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Print to Screen transition

Okay...several crit partners have spoken and Montana Sky wasn't any better than last's week Lifetime movie. I felt it was better but would still have to rate it a C. John Corbett was cute and some of their choices for characters fit better with the book version...but they took out ALOT of the twists and turns that made the book interesting. The movie version was slow and drawn out. If they had kept some of the book action it would've moved better on screen. But even Mr. Corbett overacted and made the action seem fake and corny.

Once again it proves that I shouldn't watch movies from books that I have actually enjoyed. It turns me into an instant critic, frustrated at the transition.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Movie rights on favorite books...

Have you ever had a favorite book you've read made into a movie...and looked forward to seeing it on the big screen or television? I've had several but I'm not so excited to see them turned into a movie anymore. Most of the time the movie seems so cheesy compared to the book and I get so frustrated when good twists and turns are changed.

Last week began a lineup for Nora Robert's books on the Lifetime Network for Monday nights. The first was the book "Angel Falls". It seemed cheesy because they used strange dramatic effects for Heather Locklears lead heroine character. I didn't care for the hero either but he wasn't too bad because La Nora had his character on the quiet, offbeat side in the book as a reclusive author. But they changed the ending and it didn't really need to be changed. And the character they had playing a main suspect was supposed to be a gorgeous manly man...a lady's man that women couldn't resist. He was skinny and hairy and didn't play into my book of a gorgeous playboy/cowboy. Sorry...I'd have to rate the first in the series a C+.

Tonight looks good though...MMmmmm...John Corbett as a cowboy. My personal kind of sexy hero. But then again my own personal hero IS a real cowboy!! Should be interesting because I liked the book.

Tune in tomorrow...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Online Predators

I was recently doing research for a book storyline and ran across some really scary info about online predators. Not just scary for our children...but adult women as well. Tonight our news just happened to feature a story on a dating website so I made sure to watch. They are offering advice and listed an agent's telephone number to set up group talks to discuss our security while online. Whether it be chatting in groups or sites like MySpace. listed some resources in reference to internet security.

Are Your Teens Safe Online?
Internet Safety Guide For Parents
Teaching Kids To Surf Safely
FBI's Guide To Internet Safety
The Parents Edge
Parents Guide To MySpace
Safety PledgesInternet Filters for Parents:
Dictionary Of Online Chat/IM Lingo (from

Special Agent Kurt Stoner Oklahoma Division of the FBI
he heads up the Oklahoma Division of Innocent Images
(405) 290-7770

Surf safe friends!!!