Monday, April 02, 2012

Much Needed Monday's Monday.  *deep sigh*  The house is quiet.  Well, as quiet as my house can get with three snoring dogs.  The boxer pup doesn't snore yet, just has her happy dreams.  And I swear her ears flop because she's running free in a field of bunnies somewhere.  A combination of barks and yips tell me she's close or hit paydirt.  Now, it's my time.  I have a house to clean and it can wait.  I love my weekends with the guys, but I am worn slap out from friends, cooking, and yardwork.  We had friends over Saturday and I was in absolute heaven.  Kids running around playing, the charcoal smoke from the grill drifting lazily in the soft breeze.  Adult beverages in the blender and ice chest... Ahhh.  But yes, I am utterly exhausted.  So I was almost excited when I went to bed last night thinking about what the next day brought.

My Mondays mean I can write mostly uninterrupted.  I'm starting my morning out with social media and will move on to working on crits for my writing partners.  Which isn't work at all considering how talented they are.  As soon as I finish that I will open my contemporary story to get it ready to sub. Hopefully I can get some much needed revisions completed to get that sucker out the door.

My writing routine?  It begins with my choice of drink.  My beverage depends on time and temperature.  :)  If it's still early enough I'll make a half pot of coffee.  It's a waste to make more.  I'll drink two cups and switch to either tea or water.  During the winter, or a chilly morning, I'll move on to hot tea.  Summer?  Sweet iced tea, baby.  We've had to switch to Splenda instead of sugar, and surprisingly the guys took the change well.  They love their sweets, but in small doses.  Then it's work time.  Open whatever is most important and try to stay focused.  Sometimes I prefer a low background noise.  Other times I need quiet. 

Writing is almost therapeutic for me.  Reading is as well.  So whether I'm working on my own work-in-progress, or a writing partners', I'm good.  I can breathe.  It's an escape from my normal chaos.  What does Monday mean to you?