Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new year...

I can't believe this year is almost gone. I think I say that every year though. LOL. And as usual...I don't feel like I've accomplished much. We've had some MAJOR family chaos...but then--who hasn't?! I think I'll skip on making an itemized resolution list. Not even going to waste my time. This year I think I'll make it simple.

Just do it.

I'm tired of feeling crappy all of the time. My weight is at it's highest. My youngest is tall for his age but is starting to look pudgy. The last thing I want to do is screw up his eating habits. So my weight resolution is simple...do something healthy everyday. I need to get better about making a grocery list and sticking to it. I won't take hubby or kids with me. I need to try to cook healthier meals more often and add a daily effort for some type of exercise.

Writing...everyday effort. I'm working today and tomorrow to catch up on crits before the end of the year. It'll help when we go back to the cabin if I get in a routine. Hubby gets up at 5 am and is out the door by 6 am. I can have coffee and breakfast with him before little man wakes up. I can write until he gets up and around. It'll be difficult to blog and network without internet, but the campsite is looking into wireless. I told George (the head camp dude) if he could get us internet service that I'd be a very happy camper. That'll also help with little man's homeschooling.

Something everyday.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Wednesday?

I guess I've been in a black hole without internet service. I was surfing my favorite blogs and catching up yesterday when I came across literary agent Lori Perkin's blog. She posted an article from the New York Times about major changes within the publishing industry. I knew things were bad with the economy and the trickle down effects would cause some negative issues within the industry, but the articles and blog post brought up some valid points about e-publishing.

I've got a few friends and crit partners that are e-pubbed and I've been thinking lately about changing my submission target. I started out targeting Harlequin because I enjoy reading several of the lines they publish. It also helps that they pay advances. But I've been buying e-books to support my friends and crit partners, so I've been surfing a few of the e-pubs and looking through their submission guidelines. At this point though...I need to just sit down and write. See what you think about the articles...


Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Release...

Congrats to one of my lovely critique partners...Debora Dennis! She's a very talented author...check out her new release.

ISBN Number: 978-1-897560-10-5
Genre: Time Travel RomanceLength: Novella
Heat Index: Hot with Explicit Language

Read excerpts or buy it here!

Dreaming of the past.

Hannah Falcon loves her job cataloging medieval artifacts and setting up the displays at the Natural History Museum in New York. What she doesn’t love is her father’s steadfast refusal to let her go on any of his archeological digs, or her friends insisting she date more. When a man dressed as a medieval knight shows up in the museum, Hannah mistakes him for her friend’s latest attempt at a blind date.

Sent into the future:

Sir Gavin of Rogueforth is a battle-hardened twelfth century knight, having seen and caused his share of death in the crusades. He expects nothing more from life than to live and die by his sword. After Gavin rescues a woman and her daughter from a band of highway thieves, she sends him through time to protect another Hannah, claim her as his own and fulfill his destiny. He doesn’t expect a woman who refuses to be protected.

Timeless passion:

Can a man in chain maille convince a twenty-first century woman to follow her heart? Can a modern day woman show a medieval knight there’s more to life than being a protector? When two people from two different times explore Manhattan during the holiday season will time be an obstacle or will they find the magic to span centuries under the mistletoe?