Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tiara Tuesday

We're talking about "firsts" over at my critique group blog, Heart-Shaped Glasses.  Author, Lori Sizemore, asked if we'd read any stories that had touched us in memorable ways.  I immediately thought of my aunt and a book that spurred my imagination on to spin a story about an ancestor I'd found fascinating.  One of these days I'd love to sit down and read through my notes and finish the story.  Check out Lori's post if you have time.

Her post made me think about something as an author that I've been asked.  How do I come up with my story ideas.  Many of my ideas pop up when I'm doing simple household chores, taking a shower, driving and listening to music, conversations I overhear...just about anything can trigger an idea.  I can actually picture characters and then I question why?  What if?  What makes the main characters react...what makes them tick?  How can I lead them to the happily-ever-after?  My family knows when I go into full writer mode if my eyes glass over and I start frantically searching for paper and pen.  I've also been known to leave a blank page open in my Word program so I can open my laptop and jot down an idea.

If you're an author...is there something specific that helps trigger your story ideas?  As a reader...is there a particular story that is a shelf keeper?  A book you can reread over and over again?

Hope you all are having a productive week!